Welsh Coasteering Experience Review

Duncan Lane is a difficult man to please, but was so impressed with his recent experience coasteering in Wales that he took pen to paper to write this review.
Every birthday and Christmas, my girlfriend moans about difficult I am to buy for. I like to try on jeans myself, I have a very distinct taste in ties and I don’t like gadgets. Emma normally leaves buying me a gift to the very last minute, which means I usually get a big bundle of socks bought in haste form TK Maxx or a couple of vouchers.

However, this year the gift under the Christmas tree was something really rather unique and I have to say I was pretty chuffed Em had bought me a coasteering experience in Wales. Now, at first I as a little baffled, as if I’m honest, at the time I wasn’t 100% sure what coasteering actually was. But after a quick Google, I discovered it is a word that encompasses all sorts of activities, such as wild swimming and rock climbing.

I am a real outdoorsy guy, who loves getting active, so this really was the perfect gift. I quite literally couldn’t wait to go. I dragged my best mate along with me one weekend and we rocked up raring to go. Em had clearly done her homework, because Anglesey is one of the top coasteering places in the country, so I knew we were going to be in for an adrenalin pumping day!

The day went so quickly because we were doing so many things. When we got there we were given the full kit and a safety briefing. We started out climbing along some pretty scary looking ridges, which jutted out over the sea. It was pretty intense, but well worth it, because the climb too us to a ledge, where we were permitted to jump off from. I cannot tell you how awesome this was. AS you leap, your heart is literally in your mouth. Hitting the water is quite a shock though because, even with your wet suit on, it’s pretty cold.

Wild swimming was brilliant too. The water was pretty rough that day, which only intensified the swim. It was physically demanding at times, but I’m quite fit, so enjoyed the challenge. Our instructors were with us the entire time, but pretty much let us get on and do our own thing. They were there just to make sure we were safe. It was quite handy too as they were happy to take pictures of us, so I have some pretty amazing action shots of me jumping off the ledge into the water.

After lunch we spent time exploring some of the caves that overlook the coast and did some rock scrambling, before we were taken to another part of the coastline for more diving and wild swimming.

That night I slept like a baby, due to sheer exhaustion and in the morning I really felt it. I think literally every bone in my body ached, but the pain was totally worth it. Me and my mate loved every single minute of it and have made a pact that we’ll take it in turns to pick activities for men every year.

But I highly recommend anyone who likes extreme sports and challenging themselves to give coasteering it a go. You need to be fit and have a pretty strong nerve, because some of the jumps we were doing were very high. I must admit that there were couple of times that I nearly bottled it.